C&D and land debris sorting system

Georgia, USA

Project Definition

Construction, demolition and land debris sorting system

System Capcity

15 TPH

Feedstock Material

C&D, wood waste and land debris

Technology / Equipment

  • Primary shredder
  • Vibratory screen
  • Steinert overhead magnet for ferrous separation
  • Waste Robotics Inc autonomous sorting cell ( 3 multi-axe heavy lift arms )
  • TORXX Kinetic multipurpose pulverizer with in-line or batch feed feature
  • Conveying equipment, storage bunkers, steel structure and automated line control system

Key Feature

  • Flexible system operation modes (positive & negative sort)
  • Minimum labor requirement
  • Process wide range of different feedstock


Sort and condition variety of commodities such as mulch, biomass dry fuel, asphalt shingle, aggregate, ferrous metal, gypsum, mixed plastic.